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Welcome to the HatCH Community!

HatCH="Hack at Chapel Hill".

We now have a Wiki to keep info on all current/future projects! In general, when you want to get a project going, create a page for it and link it from here!


HatCH has a distinguished history at UNC Chapel Hill, dating back to the fall of 2012, and it includes students, faculty, and staff. HatCHlings meet in a long, narrow cave in the basement of Sitterson Hall, where there are lots of important-looking machines and a few mischievous-looking people.

In haiku:

HatCH is like the sea
but without all the water.
Now I am hungry.


If you're curious about what a hackerspace or makerspace is, or check out some awesome hacks by others, check out these links! Also, we are now located on the hackerspace wiki!

Some good electronics supplies resources:

Hardware and building materials

Hackerspace friends


MAME Arcade Machine (an arcade machine which is capable of running any number of different arcade games)

NuclearSheep is a program to demonstrate the ease of SSLStrip-based attacks and encourages sites to upgrade to SSL (even most banks aren't there yet!)

LED Throwies Attempted to make LED graffiti art--apparently hearing aid batteries do not work...or they only work when you stack them...

Project Stealthy DiscoPad We're going to attempt to track where people are walking/dancing by putting some piezo sensors under the floor and running that data to a microcontroller (the floor tiles in HatCH come up and there is storage space underneath!). (Obviously, this is a good idea, because everyone dances here).

Lightning Detector Circuit Circuit which can detect an RF pulse and display on an analog meter, with the option of logging the data on a computer.

Speakers The notorious and dubious subterranean HatCH audio system.

Webcam Portal Talk with other hackerspaces, or just take a peek inside HatCH!

Copterible We are building a quadcopter. Inspired by dirigibles.

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